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Inter-Generational Mentoring Model
"Say what you mean. Mean what you say, and do what you say you'll do."

A new model for mentoring African American youth is presented here for your review and consideration. Will the same model work for other youth as well? Absolutely!

I strongly believe that an inter-generational model that "intentionally" brings seniors and youth together would be effective in addressing many of the challenges facing today's families. The model presented here is rooted in integrity, based in faith, and designed to intentionally engage the "indigenous genius in every child".

Historic migration of youth and young adults away from traditional family homes and structures has had numerous consequences that manifest as anger, violence, disconnectedness, and imprisonment of younger and younger kids. Babies having babies, babies killing babies, drugs and alcohol, gang violence, and the use of prison as a "rite of passage" are all too commonplace.

In many cases youth are being abused, drugged, and often are caring for younger siblings without benefit of adult supervision. Often one or both parents are incarcerated, or on drugs, leaving the youth to fend for themselves. Some say, they don't know their history. And I say, whose fault is that?

The family unit is under attack by a society gone wild with greed and profit motives. The integrity of families and households nationwide is being compromised daily. Whether it is a lack of medical care, poorly equipped schools, inferior education, an overly aggressive juvenile justice system, homelessness, unemployment, or denial of access to needed human services, as a society we have not fulfilled the promises and hope of the next generation. Zero Tolerance in our schools is simply madness!

The Inter-Generational Mentoring Model is designed to bring seniors and youth in our communities together - deliberately, intentionally, and on purpose. They have much to learn from each other. The seniors are the glue that's missing in our attempts to mentor our youth and young adults. Instead of a steady hand and the wisdom of age at life's many decision points, we see our kids making decisions without choices. They simply don't understand that without choices, there's no decision to be made. They are simply reacting, and that's always a bad idea. How would they know?

Our beloved President Obama and Michelle were wise enough to bring the grandmother along to the White House to care for and keep the kids grounded. She's the glue that connects the kids to reality, while mom and dad try to solve the world's problems. All kids want and need the grounding rooted in the love, nurturing and acceptance that come from older and wiser adults. The seniors have one foot in the past and one foot in the present. The youth have one foot in the present and one foot in the future.

Together they meet the challenges of the present, by sharing the benefits of the past and future.
Computer Tune-Up...
It's that time again... The "new" computer you bought "a while back" doesn't seem as fast as it once did. And the CD player is making noises it never did before. And it's time to renew the anti-virus subscription - again.

The issues I've described are quite common to all computer users. If we take care of business right away, these issues never grow into real problems. Ignoring them guarantees there's trouble ahead.

Here are a few things you may want to consider.

First - the "renew your anti-virus subscription" message that appears every time you start your computer and log onto the Internet. Whether you use McAfee or Norton or one of the less known anti-virus programs - Do not ignore this warning!

It means that the subscription that came with your system - usually as part of the package - has expired. You are unprotected as you surf the Internet and your system and all its files are at risk.

BULLETIN! MacIntosh and Apple Computers don't have this problem!

Second - Bill and the Boys (Microsoft) are constantly patching their operating systems. These are the programs that control how your computer operates - Windows XP and Windows Vista are the latest systems on the market.

Both Windows XP and Windows Vista should be configured to automatically download and update itself on a regular basis. Ignoring requests for updates is not a good idea. You've already paid for the software, the updates are free and critical to the operation of your computer.

Other common problems include:

Why doesn't my printer work anymore? It used to work just fine with my other computer.

Should I get the Comcast service bundle - Cable, phone and Internet?

Should I upgrade the computer I have or buy a new one? How much should I pay, and what should I buy? Where should I buy it?

What's this wireless stuff all about? Do I really need it in my home or office?

Whether you are a new or existing client, I can help with the kinds of issues mentioned in this message - and many more. If you need assistance with computers and related technologies - digital cameras - video - webcams - PDAs - cellphones, etc.
Using 'e-zines' to build customer relationships
Every 24 hours, there are an average of 30,000 new Internet users. This is in addition to the hundreds of millions of Internet junkies and fortune-seekers that already spend their precious time glued to a PC monitor.

The No. 1 reason that people are using the Internet is information. If you are attempting to create and manage a successful Internet business then you must distribute your information to these Internet users. The odds are in your favor that you will find people who are looking for what you have to offer.

By far the best way to reach these people with your information is by publishing your own e-zine. An e-zine can involve a lot of work, and one of the biggest hurdles for many is simply not knowing where to start. The best place to start is always the beginning. And that means that you need to understand exactly what an e-zine is and why you need one.


Welcome to Tech Tips!
In speaking with many of my clients, I have learned that there are many things that can make life easier when using computers, that are not common knowledge. Over the next three months, I will be publishing and sharing information with you that will hopefully help to make using computers and the Internet a safe and enjoyable experience.

In this article, I will cover three items: (1) use of passwords, (2) safe use of email, and (3) a new high-speed Internet service - ClearWire.